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Test ID BLOD1498 Insect and Dander Allergy Panel

Container Type

Serum tube w/o Gel
Serum Gel

Specimen Type/Requirements


Specimen Volume

2.0 mL

Minimum Volume

1.0 mL


Room Temperature: NA
Refrigerated: 7 days
Frozen: 30 days

Interfering Substances

Hemolysis: No
Lipemia: No

Transport Temperature



Insect and Dander Allergy Panel includes: Cockroach, Mosquito, Cat Dander, Dog Dander, Horse Dander, Cow Dander and Rabbit Epithelia.

Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Friday





Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Sioux Falls

Analytic Time

1 - 3 days

Interface Build Information

Result Code  Result Code Description 
1022 Peren: Cockroach Quant
1020 Peren: Cockroach Class
20301 Peren: Mosquito Quant
20302 Peren: Mosquito Class
834 Peren: Cat Dander Quant
832 Peren: Cat Dander Class
1346 Peren: Dog Dander Quant
1344 Peren: Dog Dander Class
5377 Peren: Horse Dander Quant
5378 Peren: Horse Dander Class
1101 Peren: Cow Dander Quant
1099 Peren: Cow Dander Class
5321 Peren: Rabbit Epithelia Quant
5322 Peren: Rabbit Epithelia Class