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Test ID BLOD1228 Babesia Microti Antibodies, IgG & IgM

Specimen Type/Requirements

Gold top (Serum w/ gel) tube - Serum

Red top (Serum w/out gel) tube - Serum


Test is not affected by hemolysis or lipemia. 

Specimen Volume


Preferred Volume   1.0 mL  
Minimum Volume   0.1 mL 




Room Temperature   48 hours    
Refrigerated   7 days   Preferred for transport  
Frozen   30 days    


Performed Test Frequency

Wednesday, Saturday


Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)



Performing Lab

Quest Valencia

Additional Information

Babesia-specific IgG (≥ 1:512) is consistent with recent infection; antibody concentrations generally peak within one month of exposure.

Analytic Time

1 - 5 days

Interface Build Information

Result Code Result Code Description 
12764 Babesia microti IgG
12765 Babesia microti IgM
12763 Interpretation